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The food stand near the Essig barn has been falling apart over the past few years. Max Ruth, master carpenter and friend of the farm, volunteered to design and construct a new larger stand with increased roof height. Since spring school programs were not held construction proceeded with out disruption to any programs. Max was assisted by his volunteer crew which including Harvey Schaeffer, Dave Johnston, and Dick Schuster. Max has completed one large project for the farm in each of the last few years and the efforts of Max and his crew are most appreciated.


Despite the shutdown of our school programs due to COVID, a few Old Dry Road Farm volunteers have continued gardening and maintenance while masking and distancing whenever appropriate. We'd like to share the natural beauty and heritage of this place with a few photos.


Updated: Apr 4, 2022

A great big THANK YOU to Eric and Cody Bachman​ of ​ Bachman Roofing and Remodeling​ for generously donating time and supplies to put a new roof on the shed and smokehouse on the Stoudt property. It was a day long project, that took a bit more work than initially planned, but both roofs look fabulous and will now be able to last well into the future! If you haven’t been back to visit the farm lately, please take a drive to visit! You will be able to see these new roofs as well as the many other ongoing upgrades that continue to be completed to maintain our historic property!



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