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Highland Road Improvement

With a new season of school visits just around the corner we decided to tackle the dreadful section of road just before the Essig farm comes into view. Our tractor with a toothed loader bucket was not able to make a dent in the humps so we called the professionals at A H Moyer Inc. in Myerstown to ask for their help to smooth out this section. So, with the permission of the Army Corps. who own the roadway, we proceeded to contract with A H Moyer to do the work. On March 9, 2023 an operator showed up bright and early with a huge skid steer equipped with a milling attachment on the front. That machine easily ground up the existing macadam surface into small pieces. Then the skid loader moved and smoothed out the piles of millings and finally the surface was rolled to compact the millings. In a few hours that section became the smoothest part of Highland Road. The cost of the project was $1,571.00, which is a comparatively large bill for the farm's maintenance budget. I would invite you to consider making a donation to help defray the cost to this project, which benefits all the users of the Highland Road. Visit our website,, for information about how to make a donation. Thanks!

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