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Building Improvements

Preston Weaver, Mountain View Building, and his crew of workers showed up at Old Dry Road Farm on April 23, 2018 to begin on the largest building improvement project we have ever under taken. The crew replaced the entire roof on the Hottenstein barn with new metal panels and installed a donated copper rooster weather vane while they were up there. They then moved on to replace the north side of the Staudt barn roof as well as a new metal roof on the adjacent wagon shed. Cosmetic repairs were also made to the siding of the barn as well as the corn crib. They finished up by installing new metal roofs on the Hottenstein granary and the Essig pig sty buildings. Brubaker Seamless Gutter sub-contractor, Rodger Martin, put on the finishing touches with new gutters and leaf guards on the Staudt barn as well as gutter guards on the Essig barn. We should be in good shape as far as roofs go for the next 40 years, knowing that there will be no more water leaking into those buildings. Our thanks to the contractors and the workers for their skilled efforts to pull this all together.

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