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Volunteer Recognition: Hottenstein House Gets a Facelift

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Zach Stackhouse has been involved at the farm over past years in a variety of projects ranging from helping press apples into cider at the festival, assisting with the removal of roofing shingles from the front side of the Essig home, painting the porch supports and the outhouse at the Essig property. Zack recently offered to do a project on his days off from work and we settled on a much needed face lift for the interior of the Hottenstein main home. In June he began cleaning and painting the interior room dividing walls. Zach has now completed the first floor and has just begun on the "tool" room on the second floor which will complete the interior painting. Once the cooler weather arrives Zach is planning to take out a pair of window sashes at a time so he can repaint them at home. Out thanks to Zach for taking on this project in his spare time.

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