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Aug. 3 PABA at Old Dry Road Farm

Pennsylvania Artists-Blacksmiths Association

Date: August 3, 2019

Time: 9:00 am

PABA has a meeting at different locations around Pennsylvania every other month. The group will meet at Old Dry Road Farm on Aug. 3 for blacksmith demonstrations and a business meeting. The meetings typically start around 9AM (free coffee & donuts) with a demonstration. After lunch we have a group business meeting to keep the members up to date, followed by more demonstrations. *NEW* PABA now offers "Technique Time" after the lunch break to cover basic Blacksmithing skills. Throughout the day, everyone is free to check out the Iron in the Hat items. The IITH is donated items from members... almost anything. Also each meeting there is an Iron Mater of the Day contest. Participants bring a predetermined item and the members vote on what person produced the best piece. Anyone is welcome, come chat with our members and enjoy!

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